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About Three Gen

Our Story.
Our Mission.

About Three Gen Media LLC The Beginning

While we didn’t know where it would lead at the time, over 40 years ago the concept of helping others achieve their goals was planted. This is the basis for where Three Gen Media LLC stands now and wants to be tomorrow. 

When three generations of minds come together, a lot of things happen. Ideas are created and dismissed, and foundations begin. Each idea that gets started and then dismissed leaves breadcrumbs behind to use with another new idea. We bounce ideas and tactics off of each other. Our questions are considered and answered with all of the love and devotion a family can muster. We push ourselves and each other to become more. That’s what Three Gen Media LLC stands for and brings to our clients.

When you come in and speak with anyone at Three Gen Media LLC, you become family. We listen to you and bounce ideas off of you. Your goals become our goals, and we bring you in so that you can see and feel the efforts being made to help you succeed. We push to make ourselves better for you, and we create results that you can count on. Helping others is in our blood, and we take pride in where those projects take us. Call us today at 224-908-7434 and let us show you just how powerful three generations of insight can be.

One Family About Three Gen Media LLC

One Family’s Devotion

Three generations of one family make up the backbone of Three Gen Media LLC. 

Best Partners About Three Gen Media LLC

Only the Best Partners

We have a very experienced team of marketing, SEO, writing, and design professionals who are the best at what they do. 

Your Goals About Three Gen Media LLC

Getting You Results

The process starts when you tell us your goals and we explain how we can get you there.

We Get Results for You

Our Customers Are Our Heart and Soul

Each customer that comes to us here at Three Gen Media LLC becomes family. We will take the time to listen to your needs. Then, we will create the perfect strategy to get those needs met.

Many companies look at each customer as an invoice. They see dollar signs when a customer comes to them needing their help. That is not the foundation of what we want to be known for. In all the years of customer-service roles we have played, one thing has always been constant – our customers and clients are the reason we do what we do. With our ability to help, they become as valuable to us as we are to them.

When you decide to turn to us here at Three Gen Media LLC, you will find a team of dedicated professionals who is here to make sure your goals and needs are met. Need a change in direction? We can help. Is your website no longer making clients happy? We can build a new one! Need content or someone to edit something you wrote? Not a problem. Just let us know what we can do to help, then consider it done.

View Our Results

We put together a case study sampling from of some of our clients. See for yourself the types of results we are capable of offering. Then, you will know how Three Gen Media LLC can change your future.